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Avenue South Residence <Preview August 2019>

Spotting an opportunity before others!

Time and time again we have been hearing in countless National Day Rally and speeches alongside with URA 2019's latest master plan, the "Greater Southern Waterfront". If you have ever wanted to go back to the days when The Sail and Icon @ Gopeng was first launched and still salivating and the profits made from the first owner when the bay area was still under major redevelopment, then this is the time machine to bring you back and witness the same.

Avenue South Residence show gallery is a must-see flavoured with panoramic media room boasting spectacular views of what it has to offer, a 6-metre majestic model with augmented reality technology and a total of 6 beautifully designed showsuites that definitely will make it to the top of the list of the most impressive showrooms designed ever.


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