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Together we fight Covid19 !

As an entrepreneur and sole breadwinner, the current climate of uncertainty is a battle test and I am prepared to put up the upmost positive version of myself for my beloved family and clients. More than ever its times like this that I yearn for your support while providing you with a suite of rewarding services to transact your real estate in the most calming and professional manner.

Please understand that unfortunately some viewings will definitely be disrupted as we combat xenophobia as well as genuine fear for safety. I would conduct checks to ensure that viewers profile and contact tracing profile is safe before any prospects get to view your apartment with your consent. Also, if that isn’t an option, we could always do a 360 virtual/video tour so we could show the property’s potential before any commitment.

I am trained to engage with you in case you would require any attention to your property needs be it purchase, sale or rental requirements via video conferencing tools available so you would have a peace of mind.

Meanwhile take care, stay safe and this too shall pass.

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